Online Qualifikation April 13 - May 03 2015 // finale June 06 2015

Welcome to the 4th edition of CMAR - The competition for everyone!

Our goal is to unite people that are as passionnate about our sport as we are. The workouts of the online qualification will challenge you but not overburden you. Each prescribed exercise can be achieved by anyone no matter where you stand in your fitness journey (no prescribed weight for example)



What is CMAR?

CMAR is now more than just a competition – CMAR is a COMMUNITY! Join us and become a part of the Europe wide CrossFit/functional fitness challenge and start in one of our 4 age classes. The goal of CMAR is to unite people who love to train in a community. The workouts of the online qualifier will test you but not destroy you – you can adapt the workout to your current set of skills and strengths! ANYONE can participate!  

Thanks to the options we propose, an elite athlete can dig deep in himself and give it his all but everyday athletes can also challenge themselves. All the exercises we prescribe can be done by everyone, no matter what your current fitness level is (for example, you can choose your own weights – same number of reps with a higher weight means a higher score). Participation in the EVERYMAN league is free of charge! Also, you get a shot at winning great prizes – one of them is a Concept 2 Model D rower with PM5 monitor, with a value of about 1.000€.